257 Ways to Fix the USA......
"Commonsense Policies That Just Might Work"............
Distilled wisdom from some of the world's top experts in economics, governance and policy (NOT politics!), this mini-book is an excerpt of some of the policies instituted by Gordon Donne in The Donne Deal, after he bought (legally) the United States government, fired Congress, the President and the Supreme Court, and took over all legislative, executive and judicial responsibilities.  (Taken from his first televised speech, in Chapter 5 of that book.)

The Donne Deal (retitled The Devlin Deception) is a work of fiction, with elements of action, espionage, sex and humor, but Donne's serious policies are distilled into this mini-book (about 20 pages), with none of that "fluff," as some might call it, included. 

A dictator with total authority, like Donne, should also have the wisdom to exercise that authority sparingly.  Agree or disagree?  Do his policies follow that dictum? And what other questions or discussion topics might this mini-book raise in the readers' minds?


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