Links to Some Special Friends' Sites

The ABCs of Childhood - EVERY parent, educator and principal MUST read this ... to save the children

ABG World Video & Audio Production - Naples, Florida; simply brilliant! - Sedona, Arizona; a briliant and caring hypnotherapist

Aral Bereux - author of the Julianna Rae Chronicles, a superb series of dystopian post-New World Order urban fantasy novels - an eye-opening weekly podcast on the business side of being an author; interviews with top authors, agents, editors, etc. - a collection of links to musical, funny and just plain weird stuff from around the world

Cupcakes In Paradise - Bonita Springs, Florida; amazingly delicious cupcakes

Dallas Dalyce - an amazing erotic fiction author.  I've edited some of her stuff and it's orgasmically steamy.  Also at (easier to say verbally)

Desert BookShelf Publishing - web site of James Paddock, a superb, talented multi-disciplinary author (mystery, intrigue, suspense, romance, science fiction)

E.L. Wicker - a lovely, wacky British author, writing vampire novels for new adults.  Two great books (so far):  Fractured Immortal and Finding Immortal.
She also designs superbly creative book covers. - just what the link says it is.  For those of you who like to try new gastronomic ideas.

Fishbuster Charters - Bonita Springs, Florida; Capt. Dave Hanson is the best native fishing guide in all of Southwest Florida, period - one-of-a-kind handmade keychains, bracelets and more with genuine Florida shells; beautiful stuff - Gamut Positioning Solutions - road design, subdivision layout and more techie stuff that's way beyond my understanding

Heidi Stacy - an award-winning teacher, a grandmother and author of the fun and educational children's series "Little Stories with Big Meanings."

Jean Reinhardt - a delightful Irish lass who writes historical fiction and young adult novels.  This link is to her great blog.

Julia Proofreader - a critical (in both senses of the word) and vital part of any author's process.  She's wonderful!  This link is to her Twitter profile page.

Kathy Stolecki - Bonita Springs, Florida - a skilled, certified health coach, holistic spiritual counselor; author of Waking Up Sober in a Convent

Ken Hoover - Residential Realtor with Coldwell Banker in Bonita Springs; great guy, does a super job for his clients. - DeAnn Kamp, the residential rental and property management queen of SW Florida.  Delightful, always goes the extra mile.

Marilu Holmes - Author, Broadcaster, Tango Dancer, Biz Owner, Mother, Lover of Life Above All.  Her first book is What's In the Way of Your Happiness?

Number One Chef - aprons, tees, mugs and other fun stuff for that special cook - incredibly beautiful handmade sea glass jewelry.
Email:  piecesofpeace @

Rhyme & Reason - sensitive, relevant poetry by a sensitive, relevant woman

Robin Joy - artist, storyteller and author; inimitable and incredible art prints.  Her first book is JacobsonJoy

Taylor Gossett - a positively BRILLIANT young (19 yrs old) artist, also does tattoos in Colorado.  Email: tweetietggirl @

Theresa Argie - paranormal investigator, founder of, host of a weekly radio show and author of American's Most Haunted