Radio Spots
(Endorsements of only the BEST businesses in Bonita Springs, FL)
Steve Olsen's
Custom Painting
Ken Hoover
Property Mgmt
Some of my own radio spots
Jake Devlin
Free Book
Jake Devlin
Thank You
Jake Devlin
from TV spot
WGUF 98.9 FM
Local Radio

TV Spots
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Southwest Florida spot
Nationwide spot
"Bookend" spots
There's only one difference between the two 30-second spots on the left,
and it's just geographic.  The one on the far right is actually two 15-second spots,
one used to open a commercial break and the other to end it ("bookending").

  Also, if you'd like to get a good laugh, turn on the Closed Captions (the CC button in the lower right),
choose "English (automatic captions)" and replay to see how YouTube translates the voiceovers.  :-)